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Stix and Stones Baby Customer Gallery
fresh and funky keepsakes for mums and bubs
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Customer Gallery

We love receiving photos from our customers showing their Stix & Stones products in action. Please free feel to add yours to our collection. It is a great way to gain inspiration and share ideas.


Environmental Air Solutions Gallery

This part of the gallery is dedicated to our Environmental Air Solutions products (find them in our "Cleaning & Health" category). This gallery shows more product images and any experiments ourselves or customers have undertaken with the product range.

Evaporative Tub discreetly in use tucked away on a shelf in natural airflow

Evaporative Tub discreetly in use above airconditioner.

Evaporative Tub discreetly in use inside the return air grille of a ducted system.

Check out this EAS mould experiment...
Bread in an airtight container, with and without EAS, 1 month on. Visual proof.

If you're wondering what it looks like hidden inside your evaporative tub...

And what it looks like with it's seal off...